Keeping Your HVAC System In Great Condition
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Keeping Your HVAC System In Great Condition

There aren't many things more frustrating than an air conditioning that refuses to run. A hot, muggy home can make your space incredibly uncomfortable, which is why I have always focused on maintaining my air conditioning system. Unfortunately, I still run into problems from time to time and I am sure that all of you do, which is one of the reasons I decided to build this website. Check out these posts for more information about keeping your system working beautifully, even if you aren't naturally good at fixing things. You never know, making the right changes could dramatically improve your summertime experience.


Keeping Your HVAC System In Great Condition

Common Issues You Are Likely To Face While Using An Air Conditioner

Herbert Franklin

When summer starts, you probably rely on an air conditioning system to regulate indoor temperatures. However, if you haven't checked on the AC unit for some months, you may turn it on and realize it's not functional. 

In other cases, you could run the system for a while, and it becomes faulty. This is particularly true if you didn't conduct a tune-up before the warm season. After the dormant period, there can be numerous air conditioning issues, so it's vital to get an expert to inspect and perform the necessary air conditioning repair. 

Here are some issues you may need to fix during your air conditioner's Lifespan.

Faulty Capacitor

Whenever an air conditioner goes on and off abruptly, and a clicking sound follows, it could mean that the capacitor is failing. This vital component gives the AC unit's motor the initial signal to start running. If it overheats due to constant use in the summer, it may malfunction, making it difficult for the AC system to work. 

Changing thermostat temperatures frequently and power fluctuation can also cause capacitor damage. Make sure you call an air conditioning contractor once you suspect the capacitor is failing. They will inspect and repair or replace the gadget.

Leaking Refrigerant

The air conditioning unit relies on refrigerant to cool the air. Therefore, it is appropriate to say that it's the mechanism through which the AC unit cools the building. If the refrigerant starts to leak, the efficiency of the AC unit will reduce significantly. Besides, leakages create property damage, so they should be avoided at all costs.

If you have noticed some leaks, get an AC contractor to handle the repairs and top up the refrigerant. It's better to allow the professional to recharge the refrigerant as they'll ensure it matches the required specifications.

Faulty Compressor

Another integral component of the air conditioner is the compressor. Its function is to facilitate heat exchange and regulate the AC unit's pressure. Issues like fluctuating refrigerant levels, dirty coils, and lack of lubrication can cause compressor failure. For instance, if the refrigerant levels are too low, the component will overheat and stop working. If the levels exceed the recommended limit, pressure will increase, causing the AC unit to fail.

So, if the airflow is weak or the air conditioner isn't cooling the house properly, you could be dealing with a compressor issue. Consider calling an HVAC service such as Local Mechanical Heating & Air to resolve this issue. The pro may replace the compressor once they notice it is severely damaged.