Keeping Your HVAC System In Great Condition
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Keeping Your HVAC System In Great Condition

There aren't many things more frustrating than an air conditioning that refuses to run. A hot, muggy home can make your space incredibly uncomfortable, which is why I have always focused on maintaining my air conditioning system. Unfortunately, I still run into problems from time to time and I am sure that all of you do, which is one of the reasons I decided to build this website. Check out these posts for more information about keeping your system working beautifully, even if you aren't naturally good at fixing things. You never know, making the right changes could dramatically improve your summertime experience.


Keeping Your HVAC System In Great Condition

Steps To Take When Your AC Needs Repairs

Herbert Franklin

Summer is almost over. If your air conditioner has decided to malfunction with just weeks to go in the season, you need to take care of repairs. You may think you can baby the system along, but that could lead to bigger problems next year. Now that your air conditioner is failing, there are some steps you need to take. These steps will help you to get to the root of the problem, without adding to the list of issues. Here are four steps that will help to get you started. 

Don't Lower the Temperature Setting

If your air conditioner isn't cooling down the house the way it should, you may think it's time to lower the temperature setting. After all, lowering the setting may increase the production of cool air. Unfortunately, that's not the case. In fact, lowering the temperature setting may cause your air conditioner to freeze up. If that happens, you'll be looking at bigger repair costs. Instead, leave the temperature setting where it is. That way, you don't overheat your air conditioner. 

Do Check the Electrical Points

If your air conditioner loses power all at once, take the time to check the electrical points. Loss of power could be a sign that there are problems with the electrical system. There are a couple of different places you should check. First, check the rest of your house. You could have suffered a summer power outage. Next, check the circuit breakers. Summer heat could have caused a blown circuit in your home. Finally, check the wiring on your air conditioner. If you can't identify an electrical issue, the problem may be buried deep inside your air conditioner. 

Don't Continue Running Your AC

If your air conditioner is giving you some minor problems, you should be able to continue using it until the repair technician can arrive. But, if your air conditioner is blowing foul odors through your house, or your lights flicker each time your AC cycles on, turn the system off. Electrical surges and foul odors are signs that should not be ignored, especially where your air conditioner is concerned. 

Do Call for Emergency Repairs

Finally, if your air conditioner isn't functioning the way it should, don't postpone the repairs. Call for emergency services right away. The sooner you call for repairs, the sooner you can restore cool air to your home. Be sure to provide details about the problems you're experiencing. Your ac repair technician will need that information when they begin troubleshooting the system.