Keeping Your HVAC System In Great Condition
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Keeping Your HVAC System In Great Condition

There aren't many things more frustrating than an air conditioning that refuses to run. A hot, muggy home can make your space incredibly uncomfortable, which is why I have always focused on maintaining my air conditioning system. Unfortunately, I still run into problems from time to time and I am sure that all of you do, which is one of the reasons I decided to build this website. Check out these posts for more information about keeping your system working beautifully, even if you aren't naturally good at fixing things. You never know, making the right changes could dramatically improve your summertime experience.


Keeping Your HVAC System In Great Condition

How To Prevent Toilet Clogs

Herbert Franklin

One of the most common reasons that people call for plumbing services is because their toilet is clogged. Since a clog can prevent use of the toilet until it's fixed, it's a good idea to know how to prevent toilet clogs from happening. Here are some practical ways that a homeowner can help prevent toilet clogs from happening.

Switch to Single-Ply Toilet Tissue

Some older household toilets and plumbing systems are less able to handle the newer, double-ply toilet tissue. Quilted toilet tissue can be even more problematic for older systems.

Even though quilted and double-ply tissue is softer, if your toilet is clogging on a frequent basis, you might want to consider switching to a single-ply brand.

Use a Natural Agent

One of the reasons why toilets can get backed up is because solid waste isn't getting broken down once it's in the pipe system. Waste in septic systems gets broken down by live bacteria in the tank. The use of chemical cleaning agents such as bleach can kill this bacteria, leaving your solids to build up and lead to a toilet clog.

You can feed the bacteria that break down solid waste materials by dumping yeast down the toilet. The bacteria feed on the yeast, and subsequently increase in number, making your septic system healthier as solid waste gets broken down.

Use Less Tissue

Large clumps of used toilet tissue can quickly cause a toilet to clog. The clump can't move though the pipes because it's too heavy and thick.

The best way to prevent this problem is to use less tissue in the first place. Most adults are aware of this, but if you have youngsters in the house, you may find they have a tendency to use excessive tissue. For younger kids, one solution may be to keep the toilet paper out of reach. Send them into the bathroom with an adequate amount of tissue, but don't let them take as much as they want off the roll.

Flush Twice When Necessary

Large amounts of waste in the toilet basin won't go down very easily when you go to flush. No doubt, you've seen the water rise in the bowl when it's meant to go down as you race for the plunger.

To prevent this from happening, remember that you can always flush twice if you anticipate there will be excessive waste in the bowl. You can also flush once to rid the toilet of waste, then a second time to dispose of the toilet tissue.

Don't feel bad if you have a toilet clog and have to call a professional. It happens to everyone. With these helpful tips though, hopefully, it will happen to you less often. Find out more here.